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AR# 30597

11.1 CORE Generator - "ERROR:sim:160 - Could not find requested IP (<IP Core name>,<version #>) for currently selected part"


When I open a project created in a previous version of CORE Generator, selecting the Generated IP tab results in an error similar to the following for IP cores previously generated in the project directory:

"ERROR:sim:160 - Could not find requested IP (Binary_Counter,6.0) for currently selected part."
"WARNING:encore:131 - Error reading C:\watch_sc\tenths.xco"

This error might also be seen when selecting an XCO file in Project Navigator and running the "Regenerate Core" process.


This error occurs for all IP no longer supported in the current release.

The generated ".xco" file, underlying netlist, and support files can still be used in an existing design, but the GUI for the IP is not available to regenerate or recustomize the core.

In a few cases, the core can be regenerated in batch mode (coregen -b <core>.xco) if the core structure has been preserved internally to support larger cores that might still use it as a sub-core. However, since the core is obsolete, it should not be used in new designs and is intended to be hidden from the GUI mode of CORE Generator.

For a list of supported IP cores, please see:

AR# 30597
Date 02/17/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • ISE Design Suite - 11.1
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