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AR# 30656

10.1 Install - ISE product does not have the functionality that I was expecting


I just installed ISE 10.1, but when I open it, I do not see all of the functionality that I was expecting.

How can I tell if the correct product was installed? If it is not the product I am entitled to, how can I obtain the correct ISE product?


If multiple ISE products were selected in the Product Registration and Download Center when your Registration ID was generated, the ISE product installed might not have the complete functionality you were expecting.

You can determine which ISE product you have by looking at the configuration line of your $Xilinx/fileset.txt, as shown below:

Wed Apr 02 16:04:28 TZ 2008:: product=ISE

Wed Apr 02 16:04:28 TZ 2008:: configuration=WebPACK

Wed Apr 02 16:04:28 TZ 2008:: version=10.1

Wed Apr 02 16:04:28 TZ 2008:: Registration_ID=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Wed Apr 02 16:04:28 TZ 2008:: summary=Location: C:\Xilinx\10.1\ISE

The three possible values are WebPACK, Foundation, and Foundation Simulator.

To obtain the full functionality that you are entitled to, contact Development Systems Customer Service for your region. Contact information is located at:


Customer Service will clear your account so that a new Registration ID can be generated. The new Registration ID will provide you with the correct entitlements. Please uninstall the current ISE product and re-install using the new Registration ID.

AR# 30656
Date 04/14/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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