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AR# 30659

9.2i ISE - Project Navigator hangs on splash screen when starting on RHEL machine


When starting ISE 9.1i or 9.2i on a RHEL 3 or RHEL 4 machine it will hang or freeze on the splash screen and nothing will happen. If the execution is aborted there will still be a $Xilinx\bin\lin\_pn process running, but it will be using 0% of the cpu.


This was reported by a customer and resolved by deleting the $XILINX/.qt/.xilinxrc.lock file.

Make sure the _pn process isn't running and then delete the .xilinxrc.lock file. Once this is deleted try launching ISE again and it should work as normal.

Note: This resolution hasn't been verified, if anyone is able to reproduce the issue and verify the solution please let me know so we can publish this AR externally.

AR# 30659
Date 01/07/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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