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AR# 30832

10.1 EDK SP1, Plb_v46_v1_02_a - The PLB_v46 hangs when c_ADDR_PIPELINING=1


With the errata 213 work-around turned off, the PPC405's with PVR == 0x1470, hangs with the plb_pci projects. 


The previously requesting master was toggling M_RNW after the negation of M_Request. While this is a valid scenario in the arbiter, the arbiter was not qualifying the M_RNW with the M_Request signal.


The issue has been fixed in new version v1.03a of the plb_v46 in EDK 10.1 Sp2. It will be available at:  


AR# 30832
Date 05/22/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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