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AR# 30919

10.1 EDK - SysMon_v1_00_a - SysMon SW driver for xps_sysmon_adc_v1_00_a does not enable multiple Calibration Enables.


The SysMon driver does not set more than one calibration enable using the API XSysMon_SetCalibEnables (XSysMon *InstancePtr, u16 Calibration). The user can set only one calibration enable at a time and all the other calibration enables will be disabled.


The user can set multiple calibration enables at a time by using the given code: 


u32 RegValueCalib;  


RegValueCalib = XSysMon_mReadReg(InstancePtr->Config.BaseAddress, XSM_CFR1_OFFSET); 

RegValueCalib &= (~ XSM_CFR1_CAL_VALID_MASK); 

XSysMon_mWriteReg(InstancePtr->Config.BaseAddress, XSM_CFR1_OFFSET,  

RegValueCalib | Calibration); 


The Calibration is the OR of the calibration enables that must be enabled. These are defined by XSM_CFR1_CAL*_* bits in xsysmon_hw.h.

AR# 30919
Date 05/22/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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