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AR# 30926

10.1 EDK, MPMC v4.01.a - MPMC block RAM write FIFOs corrupt data after 2x 64-word occupancy


When filling MPMC block RAM-based write FIFOs with more than two 64-word transfers worth of data, data corruption occurs. It seems to occur only in Virtex-5 devices. How do I resolve this issue?


To work around this issue, do not allow more than two 64-word transfers of data to accumulate into the block RAM FIFOs. 


A patch is available for MPMC v4.01.a. To use this patch: 

-Download and extract the ZIP file from the following location: 

-Copy the MPMC_v4_01_a directory to the local project pcore directory 

-Replace the pcore/mpmc_v4_01_a/hdl/verilog/mpmc_bram_fifo.v with the included file 

-Choose Project->Rescan User Repositiories 


This issue is fixed starting with MPMC v4.02.a, to be released starting with EDK 10.1 Service Pack 2.

AR# 30926
Date 05/22/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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