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AR# 30938

10.1 iMPACT - How do I speed up Readback or Checksum functions for BPI PROM using the indirect programming flow?


The Readback and Checksum functions take a long time using the indirect programming flow as they require the device to read the entire device and the serial JTAG connection limits the speed that data can be transferred at. This will be changed in iMPACT 10.1 Service Pack 3 when Partial Readback of the BPI flash will be enabled.


Starting with iMPACT 10.1 Service Pack 3, you can use the following command to use this feature in iMPACT "batch" mode to choose how much of the flash contents you want to read back:

readbacktofile -p <position> -file <filename> -bpionly -partial <startaddress in hex> <numofbytes>.

This is helpful if you have to determine whether the file stored in the flash has the proper byte ordering. GUI support for this feature will begin in iMPACT 11.1.

AR# 30938
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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