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AR# 31084

Virtex-5 Aurora v3.0 - Release Notes and Known Issues for ISE 10.1 IP Update 2 (ISE10.1 IP Update 2)


This Release Notes and Known Issues Answer Record is for the Virtex-5 Aurora v3.0, released in ISE 10.1 IP Update 2 (IP_10.1.2), and contains the following information:

- General Information

- New Features

- Bug Fixes

- Known Issues

For installation instructions, general CORE Generator known issues, and design tools requirements, see the IP Release Notes Guide at: http://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/user_guides/xtp025.pdf


General Information

For information on how to set up and use the Xilinx Virtex-5 Aurora_v3_0 core, please refer to the Virtex-5 Aurora_v3_0 Getting Started User Guide. More comprehensive user information is available in the Virtex-5 Aurora_v3_0 User Guide.

New Features

- ISIM,NCSIM simulator support

- Encrypted model support for ModelSim

- Support for changing lane assignments within a tile

Bug Fixes

471615 Does not support a new license file aurora_v3 for the Virtex-5 Aurora v3.0

471301 Virtex-5 Aurora Core does not have support for SX240T

471403 GTP Aurora 2.8 - Generates warnings in Synplicity because of the use of '-'

471382 GTX Attributes - PMA_CDR_SCAN is not updated

470150 Virtex-5 Aurora v2.9: Several folders are not generated when we create this IP core

470096 No placement recommendations in User Guide UG357

469756 Virtex-5 Aurora v2.9: Not all the folders are generated

469526 GTP Aurora User Guide (UG224) does not mention the simplex timer configuration

469525 GTP Aurora v2.8 - Simplex timer uses wrong unbuffered clock

469090 POWER_DOWN is wrongly mentioned as active High in GTP Aurora User Guide (UG224)

468918 Signals PMA_INIT and INIT_CLK are missing in GTP Aurora User Guide (UG224)

468733 XMDF file is created wrong

468613 UFC example in GTP Aurora User guide UG224 has an error

468200 Aurora GTX: ufc_filter.v uses illegal "-" as a place holder for a decimal number. Fails synthesis.

466665 GTP Aurora v2.8: AR number not correct in ReadMe File

466541 GTP Aurora v2.8: Aurora Core generation is not supported for device LX85T

466313 GTP Aurora v2.8: RCV_TERM_VTTRX set wrong

453439 Incorrect line rate value description

453100 GTP Aurora 2.8: Generated User Guide shows errors when opened

452044 GTP Aurora v2.7: Invalid UCF generated valid for LX110T

451480 GTP Aurora v2.7: REFCLK values are wrong

450281 GTP Aurora v2.7: Clock and MGT selection for LX50T and SX50T is wrong

448298 GTP Aurora 2.7: Error found during generation with illegal settings

443046 GTP Aurora: Input fields for GTP0 on GUI differ from the Image

438148 GTP Aurora v2.6: Invalid UCF generated valid VC5VSX95T

Known Issues

- TXPOWERDOWN/RXPOWERDOWN issue - The core does not assert a reset after assertion/de-assertion of


Refer CR471776 : For GTP

Refer CR471777 : For GTX

The assertion of RXPOWERDOWN from "00" to "11" causes the RXRECCLK to flatline. It is recommended

to pulse the RXCDRRESET. This a safe measure to clear the registers (including resetting the

pointers of the elastic buffer) and of starting the CDR in a clean state once the RXRECCLK starts

to run again

AR# 31084
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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