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AR# 31186

10.1 ISE - Unable to launch iMPACT in batch mode after using Project Navigator to configure device


I can typically run iMPACT in batch mode from a DOS window using the following syntax:

impact -batch my_impact_commands.cmd

where "my_impact_commands.cmd" contains the commands I want executed.

However, if I use "Configure Target Device" within Project Navigator, any subsequent uses of iMPACT via batch mode from a DOS window results in the DOS window closing automatically.

How can I continue using iMPACT in batch mode?


This is a known issue which will be resolved in the next major version of ISE.

To resolve this issue, either

1. Delete the ISE-generated "impact.cmd" file from the project directory, or

2. Invoke iMPACT from a location different from the ISE project directory.

AR# 31186
Date 05/13/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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