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AR# 31233

11.4 EDK, ppc440_virtex5_v1_00_a or later ? PLBv4.6 address pipelining failures when the PLB bus connects to both the SPLB and another address-pipelined slave


Data corruption or PLB bus hangs occur when a SPLB0 or SPLB1 slave PLB port and another PLB slave which supports address pipelining are connected to the same PLB bus. This also occurs when two PPC440 SPLB0/1 ports are connected to the same bus.

How do I resolve this issue?


This problem only occurs under an uncommon scenario for PLB bus usage. The plb_v46 arbiter supports only 2-deep address pipelining, so it broadcasts a single rdPrim and wrPrim signal to all slaves. The SPLB interface of the PPC440 hard-block was designed to work with arbiters supporting N-deep pipelining. If the PPC440 SPLB samples a rdPrim or wrPrim intended for a different slave (when there has not been an SAValid acknowledged by the SPLB), then the SPLB might be driving the bus out of turn. This can result in either a data corruption or a bus hang. This problem cannot occur if the bus has only one master that does not issue pipelined transactions, or if all other slaves on the bus do not support address pipelining (i.e., the other slaves do not assert addrAck in response to SAValid).

All other EDK cores, including custom PLBv46 slaves based on the EDK PLBv46 IPIF, do not support address pipelining and are not affected by this issue.

Work-arounds include:

  • Disconnect (tie to net_gnd) the SAValid (?PLBPPCS*SAVALID?), rdPrim (?PLBPPCS*RDPRIM?) and wrPrim (?PLBPPCS*WRPRIM?) inputs to the PPC440 SPLB interface. This disables all address pipelining for the SPLB, but allows all other slaves to continue to support 2-deep pipelining.
  • Disconnect (tie to net_gnd) the SAValid, rdPrim, and wrPrim inputs to all other slaves sharing the same PLB bus as the PLB440 SPLB interface. This disables all address pipelining on all other slaves, but allows the PPC440 SPLB to continue to support 2-deep address pipelining.

If more than one PPC440 SPLB is connected to the same bus, only one can perform pipelining; the others must have their 3 inputs disconnected.

You can disconnect (tie to ground) these signals using System Assembly GUI, Ports view, after enabling visibility of Default Connections in the Filters menu.

AR# 31233
Date 01/22/2010
Status Active
Type General Article
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