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AR# 31306

10.1 ChipScope Pro - When I attempt to run ChipScope Inserter command line, I see: "java.awt.HeadlessException:" or a similar message


When I attempt to run ChipScope Inserter command line, I see the following: 




No X11 DISPLAY variable was set, but this program performed an operation which requires it. 

at java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment.checkHeadless(Unknown Source) 

at java.awt.Window.<init>(Unknown Source) 

at java.awt.Frame.<init>(Unknown Source) 

at java.awt.Frame.<init>(Unknown Source) 

at javax.swing.JFrame.<init>(Unknown Source) 

at com.xilinx.chipscope.inserter.InserterFrame.<init>(InserterFrame.java:287) 

at com.xilinx.chipscope.inserter.InserterApp.createGUI(InserterApp.java:441) 

at com.xilinx.chipscope.inserter.InserterApp.main(InserterApp.java:557)


The issue is that there is no %DISPLAY% environment variable set. The command line flow does not require a GUI output but does call some GUI related processes which require a %DISPLAY% variable to be set. The work-around method is to set the  

%DISPLAY% variable.

AR# 31306
Date 05/23/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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