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AR# 31313

10.1 EDK - ISE simulation library cannot be found


Keywords: Simulate, ModelSim, compxlib, compile, VHDL, Verilog, VCS, NCSim

After the ISE and EDK simulation libraries being separately compiled by compxlib and compedklib, EDK reports
"ISE Sim Library: XPS can not get library information from the path <...> Please make sure it contains the libraries compiled with the same simulator and HDL as you set in the GUI, and with the current EDK/ISE version"


This issue occurs because compxlib doesn't generate the ".compedklib_ise_info" as compedklib does.

This issue can be solved by the following instructions:
1. Open a EDK Shell
2. Go to the EDK Sim Library direction
3. Run "cp .compedklib_edk_info .compedklib_ise_info"
4. Cut and paste .compedklib_ise_info to the ISE Sim Library directory

Note: Renaming cannot be accomplished in Windows because Windows doesn't support file names that begin with a dot.
AR# 31313
Date 07/18/2008
Status Active
Type General Article
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