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AR# 31411

10.1 Pack - "ERROR:Pack:2233 - The constraint collection BBFrag symbol "FIFO_inst"(...)"


Keywords: MAP, pack, RAMB18SDP, FIFO18

When I attempt to LOC a RAMB18SDP and FIFO18 into the same RAM/FIFO location, MAP produces the following error:

"ERROR:Pack:2233 - The constraint collection
BBFrag symbol "FIFO_inst" (Output Signal = ALMOSTEMPTY_OBUF)
BBFrag symbol "BRAM_inst" (Output Signal = DO_BRAM_31_OBUF) belongs to
SPECIAL component category, but no matched component type found.
ERROR:Place:292 - The components FIFO_inst and BRAM_inst seem to be placed /
locked to the same site RAMB36_X0Y10
ERROR:Pack:1654 - The timing-driven packing phase encountered an error.

What does this error mean?


This pack error message indicates that the following instances have been location constrained to the same site (RAMB36_X0Y12), but they are incompatible with each other:

INSTANCE "u_test/RAMB18_inst" (Output Signal = odB[15]) PRIMITIVE = RAMB18
INSTANCE "u_test/fifoA" (Output Signal = NULL) PRIMITIVE = FIFO18_36

RAMB18 and FIFO18_36 cannot be placed into a single RAMB36 site.

This message is scheduled for improvement in the ISE 11.1 release.

AR# 31411
Date 08/04/2008
Status Active
Type General Article