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AR# 31438

10.1 EDK, MPMC v4.00.a - VFBC corrupts data when X or Stride values are not multiples of 128 Bytes


Keywords: width, corrupt, error

When I am using the VFBC PIM, data corruption occurs when the X-size or Stride-size is not a multiple of 128 Bytes and aligned to a 128-byte address boundary. How do I resolve this issue?


This is a known limitation of the VFBC PIM starting from the standalone VSK reference design through the integrated PIM distributed in MPMC v4.03.a. As documented in the MPMC datasheet:
The X Size, Start Address and Stride must be aligned to a 32-word boundary. These values must be a multiple of 128 bytes and require that bits [6:0] be '0'.
AR# 31438
Date 08/12/2008
Status Active
Type General Article
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