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AR# 31638

10.1 EDK SP3, plbv46_pci_v1_02_a - The latest Tactical Patch "plbv46_pci_v1_03_a" fixes issues related to Linux booting on ML510 system, Virtex-4 Q, Virtex-4 QR support and various other issues


Following are the latest fixes for plbv46_pci_v1_02_a in EDK 10.1sp3. Please use this tactical Patch "plbv46_pci_v1_03_a" for EDK 10.1sp2 and EDK 10.1sp3.

Changes from v1.02.a as listed below in EDK 10.1sp3.

1. Bug fix for Virtex-5 to correct PCI BARs that were erroneously enabled when the parameter "C_PCIBAR_NUM" was less than 3.

2. Enhancement to increase PCI BAR length upper limit from 29 to 30 (power of 2) bytes.

3. Bug fix for SERR_N asserted during PCI2PLB read to allow prefetch to complete.

4. Moved to plbv46_slave_v1.01.b, not a functional difference.

5. Bug fix for Linux booting in ML510 where Linux/compiler optimization breaks up a configuration read 32-bit word operation into 4 separate byte read operations. The byte reads occurred quickly one after another and exposed a bug where the last byte read would be corrupt.

6. Added support for Virtex-4 Q and Virtex-4 QR.


You can download the latest patch from:


Unzip and place the "plbv46_pci_v1_03_a" directory in the local "pcore" directory of your current project.

This issue is scheduled to be fixed in the "plbv46_pci_v1_03_a" version in EDK 11.1:


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AR# 31638
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