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AR# 3176

Foundation F1.3, 3K/5K Early Access Libraries


Keywords: XC3000, XC5200, M1.4, Foundation

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

The following information describes how to use the Early Access
3K/5K libraries for Foundation with the Alliance M1.4
Implementation Tools. This is a tactical solution to allow
users to target XC3000 and XC5200 devices with the M1
Implemenation Technology before the complete Foundation F1.4
release is available.



Steps for obtaining and installing libraries:

The Foundation M1 libraries for the 3K and 5K families are
password-protected on the Performance Pack 1.3 CDROM. To obtain
authorization to access these files, please contact your local
Xilinx FAE.

Instructions for Installing
Location of Files:

CD: Performance Pack 1.3 CDROM
Directory: Foundation\ea\
File names: Xc3000.zip ==> XC3000 Library
Xc5200.zip ==> XC5200 Library

1. Place the files XC3000.* or XC5200.* from the appropriate
ZIP file into the <ACTIVE>\SYSLIB directory. (<ACTIVE> is
the Foundation install directory, typically C:\ACTIVE)

2. Copy the contents of the 3K.FAM or 5K.FAM file (these files
are located within the appropriate ZIP file) into the
existing <ACTIVE>\EXE\M1.FAM file.

3. Attach the new library from within the Foundation Library
Manager. From the Project Manager, select Tools -> Library
Manager. Choose Library -> Attach... and select the new
XC3000 or XC5200 library and hit OK.

4. Copy the FNDTN and METAMOR (if using XVHDL) "PM"'s into the
Implementation Tools ($XILINX) directory. These may either
be copied from the F1.3 Design Implementation Tools CDROM,
or may be obtained from the File Download Area of the
Xilinx Web Site at:

Simply place the 2 directories, FNDTN and METAMOR, into the
$XILINX directory.

You should now be able to create new 3K/5K designs, and be able
to open up 3K/5K designs which were previously created with the
XACT6 flow.

Note that in order to implement the design with the M1 Design
Implementation Tools, you will need to have M1.4 software
installed and the environment properly set up. Please refer
to the Release Document for instructions on doing this.


Known Issues

1. You will see a warning similar to the following when you
create a new project:

Pcm: LogiBLOX configuration file C:\ACTIVE\config\XC3000A.ini
not found.

You may ignore this warning. When you run Logiblox, you will
be prompted with the Logiblox configuration dialog box to
choose a family. Choose the appropriate file here.

2. If you wish to use Abel, please refer to
(Xilinx Solution 3253) for instructions on installation and

3. For 3K Timing Simulations, you must add the GR signal to
the simulation waveform viewer, and you must toggle this
signal at the start of the simulation. It is active low,
so pulse it low, then drive it high for the remainder of
the simulation. This will initialize all of the flip-flops
in the design.
AR# 3176
Date 10/01/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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