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AR# 31915

Platform Flash XL - Can Virtex-5 Encryption be used with the XL?


Virtex-5 FPGA encryption requires a x8 data width for configuration, and the Platform Flash XL will provide only a x16 data width.

How can the Platform Flash be used with the Virtex-5 FPGA when encryption is enabled?


Since the PROM will be providing a x16 data file, the upper 8 bits of every address need to be padded with a FF. This will double the size of the PROM file, but this will also allow for the data file to be provided only to the Flash on the x8 interface.

The Platform Flash -XL will have extra memory for most Virtex-5 devices, and the doubled file size will not affect systems that utilize the XL with smaller Virtex-5 devices.

The end result will be as follows:

Original PROM File:5599aa66
Modified PROM File: 55ff99ffaaff66

The command line required will require a .pft file to be created, and below are the contents required for this file. Please cut and paste the following 13 lines of code into a "temp.pft" file and save this file in the directory where the source files are stored.

begindata = ""
beginline = ""
endline = ""
endline_last = ""
bytes_per_word = 1
byte_order = 0
items_per_line = 8
item_prefix = ""
item_suffix = "ff"
item_separator = ""
shift_out_first = "lsb"
format = "hex"
enddata = ""

The command line required will be:

promgen -w -p ufp -c FF -t temp.pft -o test -u 0 top.bit
promgen -w -p mcs -r test.ufp

The command line will require two different command lines as the -t temp.pft will only output a .ufp file format with the format specified in the .pft file.

This Answer Record applies to standard BPIx16 flash. This solution will be limited to all but the largest V-5 devices, including LX330, LX330T, FX200, SX240T, TX240T, as the files will be too large.

11.x Considerations

After you run the above promgen command, you must delete the test.cfi file, that promgen generates, before adding the test.mcs to iMPACT for flash programming. iMPACT does not recognize the test.cfi format from this promgen flow. Otherwise, if you keep the test.cfi file, iMPACT reports the following non-qualified error message:

INFO:iMPACT:650 - syntax error at line 10 token
EXCEPTION:iMPACT:CifYacc.c:336: - Data mismatch.
AR# 31915
Date 07/22/2010
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