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AR# 31969

Configuration - What devices have an Explicity CRC command versus an Auto-CRC embedded at the end of the frame data?


What is the difference between the Auto-CRC and the Explicity CRC check, and which devices have either check?


All of the FPGA devices have multiple CRC checks in the files after the frame data is loaded into the device and before the Start command is applied.

Some of the devices automatically check a CRC value at the end of the loading frame data which is the Auto-CRC. This feature will not require the CRC command for the CRC to be checked, as the last 32 bits of the frame data will contain the CRC check. Devices containing this check will trigger a CRC check even if data is double-clocked and bits entering into the device become misaligned.

Devices with the Auto-CRC:




Explicity CRC checks are used when the CRC value is not embedded in the data portion of the bit file. For these devices, the CRC command must be explicitly issued for the CRC value to be checked.

Devices that contain an Explicity CRC check:




AR# 31969
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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