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AR# 32219

10.1.03 iMPACT - Indirect SPI programing of the AT45DB642D fails due to a Verify issue


keywords: Atmel, flash, prom, error, fail,

The 10.1 software does not properly operate on the AT45DB642D SPI device for indirect programing mode.


This is a known issue and is caused by the addressing scheme used in iMAPCT, and how this interacts with the large SPI device.

Readback on the large device will still result in a readback file of all FF's, but the checksum will align, the verify will pass, and the blankcheck will fail after programing has been run.

Here is a patch for iMPACT 10.1.03 to enable this PROM to be verified. This patch can only be used with Windows 32-bit OS.


If an older version of iMAPCT is being used, please upgrade to 10.1.03 and then install the patch.

This issue will also be resolved in 11.1.

The software will also try to automatically load the FPGA from the SPI device by issuing a JPROG and then waiting for DONE to go high. If the files are not set up to properly configure the device, the Program or Verify operation may report a failure when the operation actually worked, but the FPGA did not configure from the SPI device. If this is the issue, please carefully review the log from iMAPCT where the steps taken in the indirect programing process will be listed.

This patch is the same as AR 32219.

AR# 32219
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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