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AR# 33032

ISE Design Suite 11.2 - Opening an ISE software 11.2 project in Project Navigator 11.1 corrupts the project if the project device family is not available


A project created or opened in Project Navigator 11.2 (or any version of ISE 11.x) should be openable in any other ISE software 11.x version without needing to be migrated or converted. 

However, if the device family used in the project is not available in the install version that you open the project with, the following dialog message appears:

Device not valid for this installation, do you want to open the project?

If all of the following circumstances are true, the .XISE file will become corrupted and will no longer be openable in any version of ISE:

  • The project was last opened in Project Navigator 11.2 or later. 
  • The project is now being opened in Project Navigator 11.1. 
  • The Project Device is not available in the ISE 11.1 install (for example, Virtex-6 and Spartan-6 devices). 
  • You select "No" in the dialog box stating that the device is not valid.


If the circumstances listed above are all true and you select "No" so that the project will not be opened, the .xise file is overwritten with an empty one. 

As a result, if you later try to open the project with any version of ISE software, the project will not be opened. 


This issue has been fixed in ISE 11.2. 

However, because ISE 11.1 has already been released, it is still possible to see the issue if you are working with both ISE 11.1 and a later version.

AR# 33032
Date 03/23/2015
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • ISE Design Suite - 11.2
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