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AR# 33110

LogiCORE Ethernet Statistics v3.2 - Change to testbench needed to run Spartan-6 Example Design Timing Simulation


When running the Spartan-6 LogiCORE Ethernet Statistics v3.2 Example Design Timing Simulation, a change is required to the demo_tb for Spartan-6 to enable timing simulations to run correctly. The DLY value needs to be changed to adjust the clock/data relationship. Since this core is never expected to be connected up to I/O's (it is designed for internal connections to MAC and MAC Host I/F), this interface would never have these issues when actually connected to an internal MAC.


The changes to be made to the demonstration testbench files: 


1. Search for the string 'DLY". 

2. Then edit to match the following text: 



-- To provide setup and hold times on inputs 

constant DLY : time := 7 ns; 



// To provide setup and hold times on inputs 

parameter dly = 7000; // 7 ns

AR# 33110
Date 05/23/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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