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AR# 33136

11.2 Licensing - Tools state that I do not have a correct license for a LogiCORE IP core


I generated my floating LogiCORE IP core license before July 12, 2009, and the ISE 11.2 tools do not recognize that I have the core license.


Starting in ISE Design Suite 11.2, Xilinx IP will follow the same licensing scheme as ISE Design Suite software licensing, where the license generated for an LogiCORE IP can be used on any version of the IP core released during the warranty period. This is different from ISE Design Suite IP for 11.1 and earlier, where the IP licenses were licensed for a specific version of the core.

There was a generation issue with www.xilinx.com between April 30, 2009, and July 12, 2009, where floating IP licenses were incorrectly formatted for the new licensing scheme. This problem has since been resolved; if you are seeing this issue, please regenerate the license. The generation issue only affected floating IP licenses for software versions of 11.2 and newer. This did not affect any software licenses, any node locked licenses or floating licenses for ISE Design Suite versions 11.1 or older.
AR# 33136
Date 10/26/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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