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AR# 33366

11.3 PlanAhead - When I close and reopen a floorplan, all user defined columns and their contents in the Package Pins window are gone


I have added a user-defined column to my Package Pins window with information about different pins. If I close the floorplan and reopen it, those columns and their contents have disappeared. I was not prompted to save changes, and doing a CTRL^S has no effect. 


How do I keep those columns from vanishing?


This is bug that occurs when the user defined columns are the only thing changed. 


To work around this issue, make another change as well. This can be as simple as changing an IOStandard, then changing it back.  


This will be fixed in a future PlanAhead release.

AR# 33366
Date 05/23/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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