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AR# 33490

11.2 Licensing - IP CORE license scheme changed in ISE 11.2


Starting with ISE 11.2, the licensing scheme for IP cores was changed to be in line with the licensing scheme for other Xilinx software.

What are the changes, differences?


CORE Generator and the Xilinx IP license manager (xlicmgr) did not change in ISE 11.2 with respect to how they search for and validate a license. However, the license file format and the format of the license FEATURE requested for an IP core did change as follows:

- Any version of a licensed IP CORE released with ISE 11.2 or later will request a license FEATURE that does not include the version number.

- IP CORE license files generated after the ISE 11.2 release will contain both an INCREMENT line for the new core version and FEATURE lines to support previous versions of the core.

- The IP CORE license will contain a version limit string which indicates a year and month (e.g., 2010.03). Subsequent core versions released after the version limit will require a new license in order to use.

Example: Pretend that an IP core named Fast Block had version 4.1 released with ISE 11.1 and version 4.2 released with ISE 11.2.

In order to generate fast_block version 4.1 the software will look for a key named fast_block_v4

In order to generate fast_block version 4.2 the software will look for a key named fast_block

An older license that does not contain the key "fast_block" cannot be used to generate the new version of the Fast Block core released in ISE 11.2.

If the core was released from ISE 6.3 to 11.1, the licensed software will continue to look for the key with the version string at the end and any existing license should continue to work for that version of the core. Only new cores will have the new versionless key inserted.

AR# 33490
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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