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AR# 33529

ISE Design Suite 11.3 - "An error was detected in the archive."


I am trying to update to ISE Design Suite 11.3 with Web XilinxUpdate and it is failing within the first 1/3 of my download. I am receiving an error that states "An error was detected in the archive." What can I do to get ISE Design Suite updated to 11.3?


Xilinx has discovered an issue with ISE Design Suite 11.3 update with some proxy servers and their caching mechanism. This failure often occurs around 1.3 GB download but can occur any time within the first 1/3 of the update. If you are seeing this error after Web XilinxUpdate starts downloading data files, you are likely using one of the problematic proxy servers. Please work with your IT team to remove proxy server caching of data files coming from download.xilinx.com or allow XilinxUpdate direct access to the internet if you must use Web XilinxUpdate.  


Another workaround would be to download the Unified Local XilinxUpdate from http://download.xilinx.com/#updates.

AR# 33529
Date 05/23/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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