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AR# 33584

11.x ChipScope IBERT - "ERROR:sim - Error: xst failed on chipscope_ibert. ERROR:HDLCompiler:1044"


When I attempt to generate an IBERT design in CORE Generator 11.x, the following error occurs in the console and the IBERT design is not generated: 


"ERROR:sim - Error: xst failed on chipscope_ibert. ERROR:HDLCompiler:1044 - "Unknown" Line 0: c:/xilinx/11.1/ise/virtex6/verilog/xst/nt/unimacro_ver/unimacro_ver.sdbx was created using an incompatible version_number, backward compatibility is not supported yet 


Error found during generation." 


How do I resolve this error?


There are two possible causes 


Environment Variable pointing to the wrong install 


This error occurs if your %XILINX% environment variable is not pointing to a valid 11.x ISE install. Check that this is set correctly. For instructions on how to set an environment variable, see (Xilinx Answer 11630)


ChipScope and ISE versions do not match 


Check that both ISE and ChipScope versions match. To check Open ISE -> Help -> About. For the ChipScope tool, open the Analyzer -> Help -> About. 


If they do not match update with the latest version (if this does not help), there is an issue with the installation and you should do a full uninstall and reinstall.

AR# 33584
Date 05/23/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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