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AR# 33585

11.3 iMPACT - "Indirect Programming SPI/BPI - '0': Programming terminated. DONE did not go high."


Keywords: JTAG, flash, usb, configuration, fail

When I use indirect SPI or BPI programming to configure my flash, and subsequently load the FPGA, the following messages occur in the console multiple times:

"INFO:iMPACT - '0': Checking done pin....done.
'0': Programming terminated. DONE did not go high."

"Program Failed" will be displayed in the Boundary Scan window. What is the issue here?


This issue is related to post-configuration device checks that need more time to complete than is currently allowed. Pulsing PROG causes the FPGA to be programmed correctly. This issue is scheduled to be resolved in iMPACT 11.4.
AR# 33585
Date 09/29/2009
Status Active
Type General Article
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