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AR# 33609

11.3 EDK, xps_usb_host_v1_01_a - The latest Tactical Patch "xps_usb_host_v1_02" fixes some of the issues with the current version in the EDK 11.3 build


Keywords: USB, HOST, High speed

The xps_usb_host_v1_02_a core supplied by this patch is intended to replace the xps_usb_host_v1_01_a first released in EDk 11.3.

The following issues in the v1_01_a version have been corrected in this latest version of xps_usb_host_v1_02_a:

-- Fixed CR532449, A 325 byte Isochronous OUT is fetched, but only 247 bytes reach the device model
-- Fixed CR532358, Disconnect is issued, but HC does not write all PHY registers
-- Fixed CR532351, Mass Storage Class test fails with FS Hub and FS Devices
-- Fixed CR532084, Isochronous IN of 189 bytes with offset 0 does not write all of the data to memory
-- Fixed CR532075, A Connect is not seen after a Disconnect is issued during a HS Chirp sequence
-- Fixed CR532069, Chirp sequence aborted by assertion of STP
-- Fixed CR531824, Incorrect number of bytes written to memory when Isochronous IN with offset 1 is commanded
-- Fixed CR531823, Over-Current is issued during an OUT packet, and no SOFs are issued after the HC comes back up
-- Fixed CR531710, FS Isochronous tests occasionally fail
-- Fixed CR531684, FS Isochronous tests fail if device emulator connected to a hub
-- Fixed CR531466, MicroBlaze transfer test fails test 140 on Linux halting the Host Controller
-- Fixed CR531451, HC stops sending SOFs
-- Fixed CR531331, During random disconnect test, HC is not able to execute a Port Reset and cannot enumerate a device
-- Fixed CR531244, Over-Current not seen by HC
-- Fixed CR531243, Disconnect timer is reloaded when a second disconnect is issued during existing Bus timeframe
-- Fixed CR531054, An incorrectly scheduled FS Isochronous IN packet is not handled correctly
-- Fixed CR530770, FS Isochronous OUTpacket does not complete correctly
-- Fixed CR527883, HS Rx-Tx inter-packet max timing violated when crc error or Rx error is injected on an IN packet
-- Fixed IR533351, Mis-scheduled 1023 byte Isoch OUT transfer causes 64-byte OUT to propagate to the USB Bus


Please use the latest tactical patch (below) in the EDK 11.3.


Please use (Xilinx Answer 30799) " How to install the patch" or unzip and place the "xps_usb_host_v1_02_a" directory in the local "pcore" directory of your current project.

This problem has been fixed in EDK 11.4, available at:

AR# 33609
Date 11/15/2009
Status Active
Type General Article
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