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AR# 33628

11.3 ISE - Open Project results in "The working directory for this project does not exist..." message


Opening a project in the Project Navigator Working Directory dialog box results in the following message: 

The working directory for this project does not exist. You can select a different directory, have the specified directory created on open, or cancel the open.




In ISE 11.2, Project Navigator introduced a Working Directory feature to allow users to be able to keep their "generated/output" data separate from their project file.  


The intended default behavior is that the value for the Working Directory would be the same as the Project Directory, giving the same default behavior as prior versions.  


In ISE 11.2, the default Working Directory field in the Project Navigator GUI was blank, indicating that it was the same as the Project Directory. 

However, this led to questions about whether the working directory was set and what it was set to.  


In ISE 11.3, the Working Directory field in the GUI was set to the actual value. 

By default, the Working Directory matches the Project Directory and the overall default behavior is the same as it was in ISE Design Suite 11.2 and prior versions. 


Known issues:  


  • The first time you browse to change the Project Directory Location when making the new project, the Working Directory field does not automatically update to track that new Location value.
    It should track or stay the same as the Project Directory until a user intentionally changes the Working Directory field to a new value. 
  • Project Navigator allows a user to open a project with a Working Directory that does not have write permissions.
    It should give the user the option to browse to a new Working Directory or cancel the Open Project operation.  
  • The Working Directory property in the XISE file is not saved as a relative path when the project is copied to a new location.
    The Working Directory from the previous location continues to be used. 
  • The Working Directory dialog box does not give the directory it is trying to find or create.
    This makes it difficult for the user to diagnose what location Project Navigator is looking at and why it is not accessible.  




The current value of the Working Directory can be seen in an open project by viewing the Design Properties (Project -> Design Properties...). 


To change or view the value of the Working Directory in a closed project, open the <project>.xise file in a text editor and search for "Working Directory." 


A patch for the above issues is available at:  


Note: This patch should be used for ISE 11.3 software only. 


The fixes applied in the patch have been incorporated in the ISE 11.4 software.

AR# 33628
Date 03/23/2015
Status Archive
Type General Article
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