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AR# 33662

11 EDK - ERROR:EDK - Address Generator can not generate address map for your design.


Keywords: shared, IP, peripheral, block, BRAM, RAMB, LMB, local, memory, bus, controler, cntlr

I have a multi-processor design with several shared memories. When I try to generate addresses, I receive the following error message:

ERROR:EDK - Address Generator can not generate address map for your design. Please check if there is address confliction, clear the confliction and re-generate the address map. Please consult the online help for how to let Address Generator to overwrite the address. If Address Generator still cannot generate the address map, please provide the address map manually.


This problem occurs because of how the address generator sorts through all the peripherals maintaining the same addresses for each instance. Processor instances that have a higher numerical value (microblaze_6 versus microblaze_0) will get assigned addresses first.

In the case of a multi-processor system, if the 'first' processor (microblaze_0 for example) is the processor that shares its memory with all other processors will have its addresses assigned last. This is troublesome for the address generator since all of the shared memories have their addresses assigned by the time microblaze_0 is analyzed and can no longer find unique address space for the 'first' processor (which was analyzed last of all). To work around this problem, rename the first processor instance name to a number indicating that it will be the last, from microblaze_0 to microblaze_7 for example. In this case, the address generator will analyze microblaze_7 first and will successfully assign addresses to all of the shared memories.
AR# 33662
Date 10/16/2009
Status Active
Type General Article
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