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AR# 33828

11.x ISE - Is it safe to remove the "xil_" files in my TEMP directory?


There are multiple files that start with "xil_" in my %TEMP% folder. These appear to be some type of temporary files.

Is it safe to delete them?


The %TEMP% directory might contain a directory with a name starting with "xil_". These directories contain the extracted contents from ".ise" files. It is safe to delete these directories as long as there is not a project open in Project Navigator.These directoriesare no longer created by Project Navigator in ISE Design Suite 12.

Individual files starting with "xil_" are created by the individual applications such as XST, MAP, and PAR.It is safe to delete these files as long as there are no Xilinx applications running.

AR# 33828
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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