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AR# 33916

10.1.03/11.x Ngdbuild-ERROR:NgdBuild:933 - Cannot read file "xxx.ngc". Try recreating the file before continuing


Translate fails with the following error. (Also refer to Answer Record #33915 for the background of this issue)

ERROR:NgdBuild:933 - Cannot read file

'C:\work\project\gold_code.ngc'. Try recreating the file before continuing

The gold_code.ngc is the netlist of a black-box submodule. How to solve this error?


Ngdbuild issues this error if the NGC netlist of a black-box submodule is generated by a newer version of ISE software. For instance, 10.1 NgdBuild will issue this error if the NC file of the black-box submodule was generated from 11.x.

NGC files are typically upward compatible, meaning that with some exceptions they can be successfully read by the next tool revision. NGC files are typically not downward compatible since when the earlier version of the tools was completed, the format of later generation NGC files was unknown. In general, it is best to keep NGC files current with ISE tool version.

AR# 33916
Date 01/12/2010
Status Active
Type General Article