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AR# 33922

ChipScope Pro Analyzer - "UNIT:0 Non-Supported" displayed in JTAG chain


When I connect to my JTAG cable and poll my chain for ChipScope Analyzer cores, there are "non-supported" cores in the console. My ChipScope Analyzer cores have been inserted correctly and I have detected them in FPGA Editor using the ILA tool. How do I get the Analyzer to recognize them?


This is an issue where the Analyzer is detecting some cores but does not recognize the core type or core version. There are two workarounds for this issue.

Analyzer Version and Implementation Tool versions do not match

There are no backward compatibility capabilities for ChipScope Pro Analyzer. Ensure that your ChipScope Analyzer and ISE Implementation tool versions match. This includes service packs.

Core implementation issues

Check that a BUFG has been inserted for the JTAG clock. Also check the Timing Report for Core related timing constraints. Reducing using the Data Width and Sample Depth can also help.

If neither of these workarounds help, please open an online WebCase with Xilinx Customer Support:


AR# 33922
Date 01/31/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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