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AR# 33939

Endpoint Block Plus Wrapper v1.12 and later for PCI Express - How to create an NGC file of the Block Plus Wrapper files


The v1.12 release and later versions of the Block Plus core deliver the wrapper as source code in the <core name>/source directory. Prior versions of the core were delivered as a generated NGC file which was black-boxed in the user design.

This Answer Record explains how to retain the older flow and create an NGC file of the core to be black-boxed in the user design.


The steps below refer to files contained in the following ZIP file:


The files in this ZIP file assume the name of the generated core is endpoint_blk_plus and the part is xc5vlx50t-ff1136-1. You will need to modify these files and change endpoint_blk_plus and part to match the name of your generated core. The part needs to be changed in the "ngc_xst.scr" file and the core name should be changed in all four files. Search for endpoint_blk_plus and replace it with your generated core name. For example, in the "ngc_xst.scr" file, you will see the xcf file named as "endpoint_blk_plus.xcf". Change this to be <generated core name>.xcf.

1. Unzip the files into the <core name>/implement directory.

2. Modify the generated <core_name>.xcf file in the implement directory and remove leading "ep" from the path. For example, the path might be:


Change this to:


Do not modify any other parts of the path. It might vary slightly from the above depending on which lane width core has been generated.

3. To create an NGC file of the core, run the create_core_ngc_xst.sh[bat] file.

This creates a directory called "results" and places the NGC file into this directory. The NGC file should have the same name as the generated core.

To use this generated NGC file in the user design, include the black box instance of the core called "pci_exp_8_lane_64b_ep.v" found in the <core name>/example directory. When running NGDBuild, ensure the NGC file of the wrapper (generated in the steps above) is included in the NGDBuild search path.

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AR# 33939
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