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AR# 34100

ISE Simulator (ISim) - ERROR: no Simulation Engine found in the Transform Input that matches sim_isim_beh.exe


Some users have reported the following error when attempting to run a simulation using ISim:

ERROR: no Simulation Engine found in the Transform Input that matches sim_isim_beh.exe

This article provides suggestions as to how to address this error.


This error occurs when ISE is unable to find or launch the executable created by the ISim compiler (fuse). In the example above, sim_isim_beh.exe is the executable that should be ran to view the ISim GUI. Howeverthe following conditions can result in the following error:

1) A stale simulation executable (sim_isim_beh.exe, in this example)is running in the background.

Resolution: Open Task Manager or "top" in Linux and terminate the process associated with the executable. Alternatively, you can restart your machine to terminate all stale processes.

2) An error occurred while compiling the sources (fuse error)

Resolution: Open the compiler log file (fuse.log) available in the project directory. If an error is shown in the report, use keywords in the error to search for known issues and solutions in www.xilinx.com

3) In some circumstances, a project corruption can lead to this situation.

Resolution: Use the "Generate Tcl Script" feature in the Project menu to generate a Tcl script that can rebuild the project. Use the following line in your command prompt / terminal window to rebuild the project

xtclsh <tcl_file>.tcl rebuild_project

For more assistance with this error, contact Xilinx Technical Support using the contact methods atwww.xilinx.com/support.

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AR# 34100
Date 12/15/2012
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