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AR# 34111

11.4 PlanAhead - How do you find undefined "blackbox" instances in a design?


I am about to run implementation on a design in PlanAhead and when I choose the "Launch Options", I receive a dialog box with the following message:

"One or more instances in the design  you are about to send to Place and Route is undefined (marked as Black Box). This will most likely cause an error. Would you like to proceed?"

There is no instance name given in the warning.

How do you find the blackboxed instance?


Use the "Find" utility to locate all instances that are blackboxes. Select the menu item Edit -> Find (or click on the binocular icon), and enter "Instances" and the criteria "Type is Blackbox".  This lists out all the undefined instances in the design.

A more intuitive mesage is being investigated for a future release of PlanAhead.

AR# 34111
Date 05/23/2014
Status Archive
Type Error Message
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