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AR# 34212

11.x Compxlib - Adding custom options to compiler commands


It might be necessary in some cases to compile Xilinx libraries with additional/different compiler options to those used by CompXlib.  

For example, if code that instantiates Xilinx primitives is compiled with ModelSim's -nodebug option, the instantiated primitives must also be compiled with the-nodebug option.  

This would require launching CompXlib while using custom command switches.



While this is not a supported solution (Xilinx only tests libraries with switches used by CompXlib), custom switches can be added via the CompXlib configuration file.

This is called compxlib.cfg, and is available after running CompXlib once.

For example, to add -nodebug for ModelSim SE VHDL/Verilog compilations, the following lines are edited:

# Setup file name: ModelSim SE
# ModelSim SE options for VHDL Libraries
# Syntax:-
# OPTION:<simulator_name>:<language>:<library>:<options>
# <library> :- u (unisim) s (simprim) c (xilinxcorelib)
#              m (smartmodel) r (coolrunner)
# vcom -work <library> <OPTION> <file_name>
OPTION:mti_se:vhdl:u:-source -93 -novopt -nodebug
OPTION:mti_se:vhdl:s:-source -93 -novopt -nodebug
OPTION:mti_se:vhdl:c:-source -93 -novopt -explicit -nodebug
OPTION:mti_se:vhdl:m:-source -93 -novopt -nodebug
OPTION:mti_se:vhdl:r:-source -93 -novopt -nodebug
OPTION:mti_se:vhdl:i:-source -93 -novopt -nodebug
OPTION:mti_se:vhdl:e:-93 -novopt -quiet -nodebug

AR# 34212
Date 11/26/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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