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AR# 34231

HSPICE and environmental variables


Why does Hspice not resolve paths ifthe environmental variable $XILINX_xx_SIS_KIT is present? Hspice aborts the simulation and an error will be found in the .lis file. For example: **error** failed to open S parameter file [$XILINX_V6_GTX_SIS_KIT/package_models/


In order to run a simulation correctly with the SIS KIT, set the environment variable (i.e.XILINX_V6_GTX_SIS_KIT) to the complete path where the kit has been placed. For example: C:\v6_gtx_sis_kit_1_0_hspice\ => XILINX_V6_GTX_SIS_KIT = 'C:\v6_gtx_sis_kit_1_0_hspice\'$USERHOME/v6_gtx_sis_kit_1_0_hspice/ => XILINX_V6_GTX_SIS_KIT = '$USERHOME/v6_gtx_sis_kit_1_0_hspice/'

This is also explained in UG375. Once the HSPICE GUI is opened, any changes or additions to environment variables will not be seen by the tool until you shut down and re-open the GUI.
AR# 34231
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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