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AR# 34244

ISE - HDL Source file with Japanese comments fails synthesis with HDLCompilers error


When implementing, synthesizing, or simulating a design, I see an HDL compiler error similar to the following.

Verilog file:

ERROR:HDLCompilers:26 - "file_name.v" line 3 unexpected token: \201

VHDL file:

ERROR:HDLCompiler:1206 - "file_name.vhd" Line 20: Syntax error near 0E


These errors will occur if the HDL compiler encounters a 2-byte space character in the HDL source file code.

As long as the 2-byte space is enclosed in a commented section of code, there should not be any problem with it, but the compiler does not know how to handle it outside of a comment.

In order to locate a 2-bye space character in the ISE Text Editor, a user can select View - Show White Spaces. This action will show a gray dash (-) for each Space character and an arrow for every Tab character. The user should then look at the line indicated in the error message and look for a space that is not filled in with a gray dash.

Replace the 2-byte space with a standard ascii space character.

Note: A similar error may be given if other japanese characters are encountered. Fore example, when the compiler encounters a katakana and hiragana, the tokens at the end of the error message will be \202 and \203 respectively.

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AR# 34244
Date 05/19/2012
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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