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AR# 34331

SelectIO - DCI_Cascade causes BitGen mask settings errors in ISE Design Suite 11.4


Some customers are experiencing problems migrating designs with DCI cascade chainsto ISE 11.4 software.

BitGen flags the following error in 11.4 or later:

"Error:318 Incorrect DCI setting for Bank xx. It has different mask setting than master bank xx."

The rules for governing I/O standards compatibility are the same for the cascade chain as they are for a single bank (i.e., SSTL2_I_DCI and SSTL2_II DCI are incompatible as are HSTL_II_DCI_18 and HSTL_I_DCI_18). Prior to ISE 11.4, these incompatibilities within the cascade chain did not get flagged as an error. Customers who have previous designs with this error should contact their FAE or Technical Support.


I/O standards that are incompatible that are in the same bank have always been flagged. Prior to 11.4, incompatibilities within the DCI cascade chain were not flagged. Customers who experience these incompatibilitiesneed to either rearrange their I/Os such thateach DCI cascade chain has onlycompatibleI/O standards,or add VRP/VRN to support the banks separately. If there is any doubt on compatibility the design should be checked with ISE 11.4.Customers who have previous designs with this error should contact their FAE or Technical Support.

AR# 34331
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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