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AR# 34636

NGDBuild - ERROR:NGDBuild:989 - Failed to process BMM information


I am receiving the following Error Message from NGDBuild:

ERROR:NGDBuild:989 - Failed to process BMM information <bmm_file>


This ERROR message is a general purpose error message to indicate that NGDBuild encountered difficulty parsing the specified BMM file.

Solution 1:
This scenario can occur if the netlist hierarchy encoded in the BMM file uses a different hierarchy delimiter than that which is being used during Synthesis for the remainder of the design.

Common delimiter symbols include /, \, and _ .

Ensure that your BMM file and synthesis netlist use the same style of delimiter.

Solution 2:
This can occur if NGDBuild cannot locate the specified BMM file.

Double-check the path, filename, and case (on Linux systems) of the BMM file specified.
AR# 34636
Date 03/23/2015
Status Active
Type Error Message
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