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AR# 34690

PlanAhead - PlanAhead gives ERROR: [HD-EDIFIN 13] ... "because of port interface mismatch" on an port array


The PlanAhead software results in the following error when I import an EDIF netlist:

"ERROR: [HD-EDIFIN 13] Could not replace (cell 'xilinx_mux2_11', library 'top_lib', file 'top.ngc', netlist 'netlist_1') with (cell 'xilinx_mux2_11', library 'test_lib', file 'xilinx_mux2_11.edn', netlist 'netlist_1') because of port interface mismatch; Port 'MA[2]' is missing on the replacing cell."


The error message is due to a port mismatch. The mismatch can be caused by a port vector and/or a bus being written as an array in the top-level EDIF file and as scalar ports in and instantiated EDIF or NGC file.

The PlanAhead tool supports the 'rename' statement in EDIF correctly and the array syntax, for example:

(port (array (rename bRegPortIn_Address "bRegPortIn_Address<16:0>") 17)

The PlanAhead tool interprets this statement to mean that there is a port named bRegPortIn_Address with a range of 16 down to 0.

However, if the same bus port is defined in a different EDIF or NGCfile, as a group of scalars, the PlanAhead tool does not associate the scalar ports with the bus port in the original definition of the cell.


The following connections in the next examples will not be reconciled.

File 1:

Cell My_cell (

( interface

(port (array (rename bRegPortIn_Address "bRegPortIn_Address<16:0>") 17)



Note: The 'contents' entry is not defined in file 1.


Cell My_cell (

( interface

(port bRegPortIn_Address17)

(port bRegPortIn_Address16)

(port bRegPortIn_Address15)


(port bRegPortIn_Address0)


( contents

( instance ...

( net ...

AR# 34690
Date 05/19/2012
Status Archive
Type Error Message
  • PlanAhead - 12.4
  • PlanAhead - 11.2
  • PlanAhead - 13.1
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