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AR# 34776

10.1/11.x ChipScope Pro Analyzer - How can I capture the data waveforms of multiple continuous triggers?


How can Icapture the data waveforms of multiplecontinuous triggers?


To capture the data waveforms of multiplecontinuous triggers, use the feature of "Window"or "N samples" capture mode.

  • Window capture mode
    In Window capture mode, specify the number of windows which is the number of triggers you are going to observe.
  • N samples capture mode
    In N samples capture mode, specify the number of samples in each window.

In these two ways, the whole data buffer (waveform window)is divided into multiple windows, each showing the waveform of one trigger.

For detailed information, refer to theChipScope Pro Software and Cores User Guide (UG029).

AR# 34776
Date 02/14/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
  • ChipScope Pro - 10.1
  • ChipScope Pro - 10.1 sp1
  • ChipScope Pro - 10.1 sp2
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