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AR# 34785

11.x Project Navigator - ERROR:HierarchicalDesignC:47 - Cannot open stream "HDProject" in project file .ise


When I run any process (e.g. Synthesize, Translate, MAP, PAR, etc...) in Project Navigator, I encounter the following error:

ERROR:HierarchicalDesignC:47 - Can't open stream "HDProject" in project file "C:\my_projects\proj1\proj1.ise".

How can I resolve this issue?


In ISE 11.x software, the .ise file is a secondary project file that is automatically generated from the .xise content. The error message is stating that the HDProject portion of this file cannot be read for some reason. This will typically happen if the .ise file has been corrupted, but could also happenif the user does not have permissions to read the .ise file.

To resolve the issue:

  1. Close the project.
  2. Delete .ise file. It will be rebuild when the project (.xise file) is opened again.

In some cases a user may need to run "Clean Up Project Files" to delete generated files and set the project to a clean state, but this should not be necessary in most instances.

Note that in versions 7.1i to 10.1.03i of ISE, the .ise file is the main project file and cannot be deleted without requiring the project to be rebuilt. In ISE 11.1 software, the switch was made to use the .xise file as the main project file. In ISE 12.1 software, the .ise file is no longer created or used.

AR# 34785
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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