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AR# 34788

Partial Reconfig - When should I promote a run?


There is a 'promote' feature in PlanAhead when working with Partial Reconfiguration designs.

What is this option used for?


When Synthesis or Implementation have completed, it is possible to copy the data to a directory/repository to preserve the results and import them into future design iterations.

Preserving the partitions results is called Promoting the partition.


Within the Partial Reconfiguration flow, the STATE attribute determines whether the module will be implemented or imported (preserved) from a previously implemented design.

If the Partition is imported then its implementation, including placement and routing, is identical to the design from which it was imported.
There are interdependencies between Configurations.
Static Logic as well as each Reconfigurable Module must be identical for each Configuration that uses it.
Every Configuration must use the same Static Logic implementation, and some Configurations may share the same Reconfigurable Modules.
When a Configuration is Promoted, the results are set as the "golden" example for the module in that Configuration.
Other Configurations may be affected by promoting or resetting a Configuration.
PlanAhead will issue an alert if this issue arises.
AR# 34788
Date 09/30/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • FPGA Device Families
  • PlanAhead
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