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AR# 34857

11.x PlanAhead-Why can't I run Implementation in PlanAhead if it is opened from Project Navigator?


I cannot run Implementation in the PlanAhead tool if it is opened from Project Navigator in ISE design tools 11.x?


If the PlanAhead tool is opened from Project Navigator, there are only limited features for specific tasks.

  • I/O pin planning (presynthesis)
  • I/O pin planning (postsynthesis)
  • Design analysis and Floorplanning (post synthesis)
  • Timing analysis and Floorplanning (post implementation)

After you finish the pin assignments or Floorplanning, you have to close the PlanAhead tool and save the modifications to a UCF, then run Synthesis/Implementation/Bitgen in Project Navigator.

To run Synthesis/Implementation/Bitgen in the PlanAhead tool,use the PlanAhead tool standalone.

AR# 34857
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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