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AR# 35379

12.1 CORE Generator - IP core customization GUI fails to open for existing IP core


When I attempt to re-customize (or just open the customization GUI of) an existing IP core fails.

In CORE Generator stand-alone the following pop-up message is issued:

"ERROR: Sorry, and unknown error has occurred."

When running fromProject Navigator there is no pop-up message.

When running fromPlanAheadthe following pop-up message is issued:

"IP re-customization failed. Please see the Compilation Messages for Details.

INFO: [HD-IP 3] Copying local COE file'C:\testproj\testproj.srcs\sources_1\ip\blk_mem_gen_v4_1_1' to'C:\testproj\testproj.srcs\sources_1\ip\blk_mem_gen_v4_1_1'"

In all cases, error messages similar to the following are issued in the console (in PlanAhead,check the console under the Compilation Messages for the specific IP core):

"Initialising IP model...
ERROR:sim - Unable to find .\test1.coe
Coregen is looking for C:\cases\12\test\test1.coe
ERROR:sim - Cannot find radix with name: memory_initialization_radix
ERROR:sim - Cannot find radix with name: memory_initialization_radix
ERROR:sim - Cannot find radix with name: memory_initialization_radix
ERROR:sim - Failed to initialise IP model."


This problem occurs if the coefficient (.coe) file for a core cannot be found.

The customization GUI should open and allowyou to select a new COE file or browse to a new location.

To work around this problem, copy the indicated ".coe" file to the location being searched.

To verify the ".coe" file name and location, open the IP core ".xco" file in a text editor.

If the original ".coe" file does not exist, a new coefficient file with the same name can be substituted to open the customization GUI.

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AR# 35379
Date Created 04/23/2010
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