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AR# 35398

ISE Design Suite 12.1 - "Can not locate .data.bin file. Please ensure the file exists in the idata folder and has read permissions"


I receive the following error when I run batchxsetup or xsetup:

Can not locate .data.bin file. Please ensure the file exists in the idata folder and has read permissions"

What is the cause of this error?


Solution 1:

This will occur if you run batchxsetup with no command line options.

You cannot run batchxsetup without any command line options.

For more information on what flags you should enable, run batchxsetup -h.

Solution 2:

If you are running xsetup, confirm that you have the .idata.bin directory available. 

This typically occurs when the installer is not created in the correct structure and the installer cannot find the ".idata.bin" file it is looking for.

If you have downloaded the product from the Xilinx Web site, please ensure that it was extracted with the folder structure intact and there is an ".idata.bin" file in the idata/ folder at the top level.

If you have attempted to burn a DVD with the product on it, ensure that your burned DVD also has the correct structure and that the ".idata.bin" file was burned onto the DVD.

Some DVD burning software might assume that .* files are hidden and not burn them. 

To work around this, burn the archive rather than the unarchived files to DVD and then extract the archive on the target machine.

Finally, check to make sure that the path to the Installer does not have spaces in it.

This issue can also occur if the MYXILINX environment variable is set.

Temporarily disable this environment variable before launching the installer.

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AR# 35398
Date 01/09/2015
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
  • ISE Design Suite - 12.1
  • ISE Design Suite - 12.2
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