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AR# 35501

12.2 Project Navigator - Launching PlanAhead gives: ERROR: Unable to clean up existing run directory


When running any process that will Launch the PlanAhead GUI (e.g. floor planning, Pin planning, analyze timing) I get an error about not being able to clean up existing ru directory.


Started : "I/O Pin Planning (PlanAhead) - Post-Synthesis".
Preparing PlanAhead launch script...
ERROR: Unable to clean up existing run directory: /projects/proj1/planAhead_run_1: error deleting "/projects/proj1/planAhead_run_1/.nfs000000000102fad50000000a": file busy


This error is usually seen if:
  • A Cleanup Project files process has been run whilea previous instance of PlanAhead was open
  • Auser sequentially launches and closes PlanAhead Floorplan followed by PlanAhead Analyze Timing and they chose the option to save project when closing PlanAhead Floorplan prior to launching the PlanAhead Analyze Timing.
  • A network tag exists for the PlanAhead directory and the directory cannot be deleted.
  • The Java sub application did not close when PlanAhead was closed preventing the PlanAhead directory from being deleted.

When Project Navigator launches PlanAhead, it does not track whether the application remains open or not (It only tracks the changes in source/constraint files). Often an openPlanAhead GUIwill get minimized or becomebehind the Project NavigatorGUI and out of sight. In any case, the Current Working Directory (CWD) for PlanAhead is pointing to a directory that Project Navigator believes to have been deleted. A subsequent launch of the PlanAhead tool attempts to reuse the original run directory but it cannot be cleared.

To resolve the error, find and close anypreviously launched instances of the PlanAhead tool.

In ISE Design Suite 12.3 Project Navigator / PlanAhead integration will create and proceed with a new directory if the previous directory is found to be "in use."
AR# 35501
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • ISE Design Suite - 12.1
  • ISE Design Suite - 11.1
  • ISE Design Suite - 12.2
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