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AR# 35582

12.1/11.5 ChipScope Pro ATC2 - CORE Generator "ERROR:sim - ATD_Drivers: Invalid value 'Individual'...."


When I generate an ATC2 core with "Pin Edit Mode" set to Individual, the following errors occur during generation:

"WARNING:sim:147 - Detected a case mismatch for value: SINGLE-ENDED. This invalid value has been corrected to: Single-Ended.
ERROR:sim - ATD_Drivers: Invalid value 'Individual'.
Finished Regenerating.
ERROR:sim:57 - Error found during generation"

How do I work around this issue?


To work around this issue in 11.5, download the following patch:

To work around this issue in 12.1, download the following patch:

This issue is to be resolved in ChipScope Pro 12.2.

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AR# 35582
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • ChipScope Pro - 11.5
  • ChipScope Pro - 12.1
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